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CINDEA & IPEC Teacher´s Guides & Indicators of Learning Module 71 (III Level)

Module 71 Descriptors

The document has the Scope and Sequence of scenarios and themes in Diversified Education (III Level-Module 71)

Teacher´s Guides

Here teachers will find the Teacher´s Guides for “III Nivel” module 71, at CINDEA and IPEC divided in four documents for each level:
•    Teacher's guide I Period III Level (Module 71)
•    Teacher's guide II Period- III Level (Module 71)
•    Teacher's guide III Period- III Level (Module 71)
•    Teacher's guide IV Period- III Level (Module 71)

Each teacher´s guide provides the guidelines to carry out the syllabus, as well as the complete lesson plans for every theme. Teachers have to adapt, modify or change the suggested mediation activities according to their context and reality.

Indicators of Learning

Teachers will also find the guidelines to write indicators of learning effectively, divided in two documents:
•    Orientaciones para la construcción de indicadores Modulo 71 part 1
•    Orientaciones para la construcción de indicadores Modulo 71 part 2

For every unit and theme, those are the suggested indicators of learning that teachers may use to write rubrics for the assessment instruments.
Each document also includes example rubrics and performance scales.
All the indicators and instruments will help teachers to measure the level of achievement of the goals set in the new English curriculum.