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Dos niños y una niña felices encima de lápices de colores

Teacher´s Guide Second Grade

This is the Teacher´s Guide for Second Grade, which is intended to provide English teachers with the guidelines on how to develop effectively the knowledge, skills, abilities and competences set in the new English syllabus. The document includes the plans for each unit:
•    Unit 1, Scenario: Learning is Fun
•    Unit 2, Scenario: Healthy Habits
•    Unit 3, Scenario: Home Sweet Home
•    Unit 4, Scenario: Loving and Caring Animals
•    Unit 5, Scenario: Fabulous Flora and Fauna
•    Unit 6, Scenario: A Change of Scenary
The units offer a variety of activities for each phase of the lesson plan for teachers to select those that are appropriate for achieving the learning goals.
Remember that, as teachers, we have to adapt and contextualize the suggested activities in the pedagogical mediation column of the template, in order to respond to the needs and context of our students and the reality of the educational community.


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