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The purpose of the English Festival is to provide the student community with spaces to promote the use of the English language, as well as an opportunity for learning and enjoyment of it, through activities where students can demonstrate the achievements reached in their learning processes.

The festival will be implemented solely at the institutional level (educational center), which is non-competitive but formative in nature. Student participation is voluntary according to their talents.

The English teacher or English Department, with the support and approval of the principal, will organize the actions and forms of participation, selecting activities that can be carried out according to their context, considering scenarios, infrastructure, available technological resources, etc.

Traditional contests such as Spelling Bee, Impromptu Speech, and Impromptu Conversation are optional. Therefore, the educational center may opt for other activities according to its context instead of these.

If you wish to hold a spelling bee competition, you can use the word lists and guides found below.

Transition services, Interactive II, or heterogeneous services that receive English in various modalities (immersion-ABI, profesor de idioma extranjero (PIE), o experiencias de la jornada) will also participate.

It is recommended to organize simple activities according to each context, which may include, for example: murals highlighting everyday English phrases, exhibitions of integrated projects and mini-projects, exhibitions of videos created by students, exhibitions of mini-books, small classroom spelling bees, plays, role-plays, creation of brochures, posters, banners, comics, debates and round tables, songs, among others.

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