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Teacher´s Guide Eighth Grade

This guide supports teachers in the process of implementing the English syllabus.
Teachers will find the plans with the distribution of goals, suggested mediation strategies, assessment strategies, themes and all the elements of the planning for every week.  
Teacher will adapt the mediation strategies in the weekly plans according to their context, so that they respond to the needs and reality of their learners and schools. Teachers will follow the distribution of "goals" and "assessment strategies" assigned for every week.
The mediation strategies start with the pre-teaching phase and follows the established strategies to teach the four linguistic skills, as it stated in the official syllabus.
The document includes the teacher´s guides for the six units of the syllabus:
•    Unit 1 scenario: My High School...Our Place
•    Unit 2 scenario: Let the Good Times Roll
•    Unit 3 scenario: Something to Celebrate!
•    Unit 4 scenario: Going Shopping!
•    Unit 5 scenario: Unforgettable Events
•    Unit 6 scenario: Amazing Costa Rica

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