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The purpose of the English Festival is to provide the student community with spaces to promote the use of the English language, as well as an opportunity for learning and enjoyment of it, through activities where students can demonstrate the achievements reached in their learning processes.

The festival will be implemented solely at the institutional level (educational center), which is non-competitive but formative in nature. Student participation is voluntary according to their talents.

Teacher´s Guide Fifth Grade

Theses are the Teacher´s Guides for 5th grade:

Unit 1,  Scenario: Go Green

Unit 2, Scenario: Pura Vida in Many Ways

Unit 3, Scenario: Connecting Electronically

Unit 4, Scenario: Healthy Choices, better life

Unit 5, Scenario: Tell me a story

Unit 6, Scenario: Let´s Play

Teacher´s Guide Sixth Grade

These are the Teacher´s Guides for Sixth Grade, which are intended to provide English teachers with the guidelines on how to develop effectively the knowledge, skills, abilities and competences set in the new English syllabus. There is a teacher´s guide for each unit:

Unit 1, Scenario: Costa Rican Heroes

Unit 2, Scenario: Staying Safe in a Digital World

Unit 3, Scenario: Environmentally Speaking

Unit 4, Scenario: Rainforest Rescue

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